Best SKI and Snowboard Carrier Online at Lowest Price in UK
BEST way to CARRY SKIS and SNOWBOARDS. Small and light, safe and quick to use, it MAKES LIFE EASY. The Board-Walker is also a Leash, and a Lead.
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If you’re keen on snow sports then you’ll be interested in ski-walker and
board-walker – two products that have been designed with the skier and the snowboarder in mind. Simple, light and easy to use, both ski-walker and
board-walker take the hassle out of carrying your skis or snowboard.



Ski-Walker is small and light enough to carry in a pocket, made of material (should you fall), and is the perfect solution for carrying skis. Ski-Walker attaches to skis in under 10 seconds by means of a single buckle. Skis are carried in the best position (if you slip) and lowers your centre of gravity. Simple enough for children to use, and even encourages them to carry their own skis.



Board-Walker is a strap that attaches to the front binding by means of an orange ‘click-on’ whistle buckle, offering a rescue/emergency function. It then attaches around the front leg by another adjustable buckle, to become a leash.

When ‘unbuckled’, Board-Walker offers a loop handle which is long enough to become a lead, so that the snowboard can be pulled over the snow. When ready to carry the snowboard, the strap can then be clipped onto the back binding to become a carry strap for the shoulder.